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Manju Shree Helpless Protection Center

Manju Shree Protection Helpless Center is a government registered no. 44/072 non-profit social organization located in Bharatpur-11 Baseni Bazar Gorkhali Tole. It is to "Help the Helpless" in the society.We are committed to help orphaned, abandoned and helpless, poorest children as well as helpless elderly people in our community.
We support those disadvantage children to go to school and obtain quality formal education so that they can be self-dependent in the future lives and can be able to break vicious cycle of poverty.

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The Nepal Living Standards Survey of 2010-2011 shows that the country has an adult literacy rate of 56.6%, with a huge disparity between males and females. The male literacy rate is 71.6% compared with 44.5% for women. Lack of educational opportunity is one of the main reasons for this. Many parents are unable to send their children to school due to very low incomes.

Orphanage Support Program

CDC Nepal has been helping 17 kids at an orphanage entitled Sarita Children Home at Samakhusi, Kathmandu. There are 7 girls and 10 boys from 5 to 14 years of age. The following link will explain you how to get involve in our volunteering opportunity.

Volunteering Opportunity

CDC Nepal offers educational volunteering opportunity around Kathmandu valley of Nepal for interested people around the world. It will be a unique and wonderful opportunity for our guests. CDC Nepal offers educational volunteering opportunity for interested people around Kathmandu of Nepal. The program aims to improve the level of English of students studying at government schools in Kathmandu.

We Do A Let To Make All The Children Of The World Happy


* As an organization for women and children, Manju Shree has the approval of the Nepalese government and holds the following official documents:
- Registered With District Administrative Office Lalitpur Nepal. Reg. no. 187/2063.
- Affiliated with Social Welfare Council Katmandu Nepal. Aff. No. S.W.C. 20172/2063.
- Affiliated with the Child NGO Federation Nepal, Katmandu. Aff. with the CNFN.
- Affiliated with Center Child Welfare Board, Lalitpur, Nepal. Aff. No C.C.W.B. 35/2064/065.

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